Car battery market leader

Powering Croatian vehicles for the past 25 years

Presence in all market segments

With excellent work and results, C.I.A.K. has been present on the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Slovenia for years.

CIAK is the largest official distributer of numerous global automotive equipment brands. In addition to Zagreb, home of the CIAK company headquarters and the central warehouse, our assortment of products is distributed from our subsidiaries in Osijek, Rijeka, and Split and is delivered to every corner of Croatia within the same day or within 24 hours after submitting an order and the very latest.

C.I.A.K. is a car battery market leader and it is also the number one company in management and recycling of lead-based car batteries.

Car batteries and batteries

Powering your cars, boats, motors and trucks in Croatia for over 25 years!

Passenger vehicle program

Car batteries for all types of passenger vehicles whose performances meet 99% of all needs.


Batteries for passenger vehicles in standard liquid electrolyte technology and batteries for start-stop systems in AGM technology.

Commercial vehicle program

Car batteries for all types of commercial and industrial vehicles


A combination of high reliability and durability delivers the starting power even in the most extreme conditions.

Motorcycle program

Batteries for both high-performance motorcycles and simple motorcycles for everyday use.


Strong, powerful and highly reliable batteries, ideal for motorcycles, scooters, quads, and jet-skis.

Industrial batteries

Batteries intended for deep discharge and extremely high discharge currents.


Used in electric forklifts, elevator platforms, cleaning equipment, solar systems, boats and other devices which use batteries as the primary source of power.

Nautical program

Batteries for dual use; starting and supplying power for electric devices.


used in boats, campers, and all other environments in which the battery is used to start the engine and supply the energy to electric devices.

Solar program

Batteries for solar application have a specific technology which enables a high number of cycles with different discharge depths.


Using a solar system requires a reliable method of storing energy in batteries, which is something familiar to all users who experienced a breakdown in electric supply due to battery malfunction.


High quality of products and services

The name CIAK stands for high quality products and services, reliability, modern business methods, professional personnel and an environmentally friendly company. CIAK provides its customers with fast and reliable product services and our professional attitude has resulted in long-term loyalty of our customers.

As one of the most renowned members in its field, the name CIAK has become a synonym for a job well done and a long-term guarantee of quality, as reflected in an ever-increasing list of product names which find their way to their end-users through the channels of our company.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 certificates are the indicators of professionality and consistency in our activities.

Well-established distribution network

Reliable network of CIAK associates, a well-established distribution network and carefully selected partners throughout Croatia are a guarantee of timely delivery, high-quality products and satisfied customers. Feel free to contact us.

The products we distribute can be found in all standard stores and service shops across the country.